Autonomous Consumables Tracking

Black Diamond Drilling Services Australia can supply drilling equipment that is compatible with major autonomous consumables tracking systems. Companies such as Flanders Inc can provide drill bit and drill string tracking solutions. They are one of the leaders in automated consumables monitoring. Relying on 15 years of experience installing drill monitoring systems around the world.


Benefits of consumables monitoring

  • Integrated tracking of consumables can provide a stock level warning so you are never caught short
  • Better performance monitoring through comprehensive data collection
Black Diamond Drilling Autonomous Drilling


Black Diamond Drilling’s range of drilling equipment is fully compatible with automated consumables tracking products. We are dedicated to providing the best equipment and welcome feedback from our clients.

Open Architecture Autonomy

Open architecture provides flexibility and efficiency in autonomous mining deployment. Using an open-architecture autonomous system provides an accessible platform that can be integrated with other automation providers. This co-operative and open platform is made to be future-proof and encourage compatibility with many drill and fleet management systems.