Rotary Drilling Tools

Black Diamond's Rotary Drilling Tools have been crafted with the highest quality materials. Advanced manufacturing technology and strict quality controls ensure our equipment is durable and reliable. Whether you are exploring potential sites or working an existing mine, BDDRILL bits will guarantee high performance and exceptional reliability.


IADC Codes

IADC Codes Rotary Rock Bits Digit Codes

IADC Codes Rotary Drill Bits Bearing Types

Product Features

Rotary Drilling Tools Product Features

Blast Hole Rotary Bits specifications

Blast Hole Rotary Bit Specifications

Rotary Drill String

Rotary Drill String information

Rotary Drilling Pipe and Subs

Available products

IADC 435
IADC 545
IADC 615
IADC 635
IADC 735
IADC 845