Down the Hole DTH Drill Pipes Specifications

Key features of a high quality BDDrill DTH pipe are durability, accuracy and manageability.

BDDrill Drill Pipe is a thin-walled, hollow, steel and aluminum alloy piping which is used for drilling and on drilling rigs to facilitate the drilling of a borehole. It comes in a series of sizes, weights and strengths but it is generally 4 to 35 feet long. It is hollow internally which allows the drilling fluids to be pumped through it.

Black Diamond drill pipes are made from cold drawn piping, providing a superior surface finish and tolerance compared to conventional pipes made from hot rolled piping. This drastically reduces the risk of scaling from the pipes entering the hammer, a major cause of premature hammer failure.

Black Diamond Drilling DTH Drill Pipes

General Down the Hole-DTH Drill Pipes Specifications

Rig Specific Down the Hole-DTH Drill Pipes Specifications