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JET-LUBE® JET-LOK® III is a two-part zinc-free epoxy with largely non-metallic fillers that can be used to permanently lock threaded connections under normal operating conditions. Both kits use a new catalyst for added pot life and durability with lower toxicity and less heat generation making it the optimum choice for any application. It is designed for use on all threaded joints or fasteners where an exceptionally strong and durable bond is required. It is especially useful on drilling tools, casing, and other tubulars where the effective prevention of joint loosening is required.


The catalyst is emptied into the container containing the base epoxy resin, where the two are thoroughly mixed. The applicator is used to completely cover the male threads with the mixture and the joint is then coupled. The catalyst/hardener when stirred homogeneously into the resin results in a pot life of the mixture under average conditions of 25-75 minutes, during which time it remains in a workable consistency. The mixture of the resin and catalyst also result in lower exotherm (temperatures stay below 150°F (66°C) so safer for the user. The resin is cured and the connection ready for service in 4-6 hours. The cure time can be reduced by elevating the temperature up to 250°F (121°C) and increased by spreading to a thinner film to reduce the heat generated by the reaction.


JET-LUBE® JET-LOK® III is recommended for use on casing, shoes, couplings, and collars; eliminating the need for gas/arc welding. Threadlock Kit offers a distinct advantage over welding in that threaded connections may be broken out by heating to 550°F (288°C). This product is also excellent for any application requiring a strong, permanent bond that has high vibration resistance. Being free of zinc enhances its durability in wet services.


  • Complete kit
  • NonCorrosive
  • Economical
  • Adheres to any clean surface
  • Good for Service up to 400°F (204°C)
  • Ease of Application
  • Prevents back-off


Density (lb/gal)13.16
Specific Gravity1,56
Flash Point>430°F (221°C)
Work Life (typical)120-180 minutes
Maximum Exotherm150°F (66°C)
Temperature Stability400°F (204°C)
Friction Factor
Rotary Shouldered Connections0.9-1.0
*Noninterference (T&C)1.3-1.0
Lap Shear Strength2500 to 3100 psi

*Friction factors and coefficients of friction can be affected by many factors such as total surface movement under load, contact pressure, thread design parameters, temperature and hydraulic cell development due to trapping of product in the threads.

Casing O.D.
Approx. # of Joints
Per Kit (8 oz)
4 1/25
5 1/23
6 1/2 - 72
7 5/8 - 9 5/82
10 3/4 - 13 5/71


Prolonged, over exposure could result in skin and eye irritation or sensitization. Mix in well-ventilated area. Use rubber or plastic gloves and goggles when mixing for application. Practice reasonable care and cleanliness when using this product. For persons with hypersensitive skin, wash hands and face thoroughly with soap and water after completion of job. If material enters eyes, flush with water

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