Black Diamond Drilling W400 Rig Trials 2024

First Australian trials of Black Diamond W400 Drill Rig has commenced

Black Diamond commissioned our first drill rig to our partner, LederDrill Supplies Pty Ltd in NSW, Australia in November 2022.

The W400 Rig is a versatile crawler hydraulic water well & geothermal drilling rig. All the key parts of the rig are from tier-one brands to ensure the highest performance and reliability of the rig.

The rig can drill up to 400m, with a hole-depth range of 102-305mm.

Black Diamond Drilling and LederDrill Jake and Adam BDDrill W400 Drill Rig Delivery

Lederdrill Supplies Pty Ltd completed upgrading this rig to ensure it meets the relevant Australian Safety Standards. They have also added a Hydraulic Rod bin and A Bean water pump for water injection. The work has now been completed and the BDDrill W400 Drill Rig is ready to work.

LederDrills W400 Modifications
BDDrill W400 LederDrill Customised Rig

Lederdrill owners, Adam Armitage, and Jake Steel, have returned positive feedback, reporting that the W400 Rig is performing well. Since it started operating in 2024, the W400 has completed 2 projects with no issues and good performance.

BDDrill W400 Drill Rig LederDrill Trials 2024
Black Diamond Drilling in Partnership with LederDrill W400 trials commencing


Jake Steele - LederDrill Supplies Pty Ltd

"The HJGW 400 is performing very well. We have done some mods to make more user friendly such as Hydraulic rod bin holding 100M of Mayhew Jr 3m Rods. Bean pump installed for water injection making it the perfect water well drilling machine.

The track crawler allows us to get into tight areas that the bigger truck mounted rigs can not achieve giving us advantage in residential areas. The HJGW 400 is the perfect machine for doing Stock & Domestic water bores of depths from 150M with 6inch to 8”inch Conventional Hammers. As there is no onboard air the compressor is located 30M away mounted on a truck reducing noise impact while completing the job.

The machine overall I would highly recommend as we can not fault any of the fabrication! The HJGW 400 is a awesome little work horse."


Black Diamond Drilling Australia aims to complete upgrades and have commercially available rigs in Australasian regions approximately 6 months after these trials have been completed.