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Bit Resharpening

To extract full power from your hammer and squeeze the maximum number of meters from each drill bit, regular grinding is essential. Armed with sharp bits, you will not only boost productivity, but also experience far less wear and tear on your drill string and rig. Countless ways to grind bits exist, but only one sure to provide the best results - Grind Machine, a comprehensive selection of efficient, ergonomically designed grinding machines for fixed installation and field operations.


Product Servicing

Button Bits Large wear flats or the presence of snakeskin on the surfaces of buttons can lead to button failure. Similarly if the protrusion of the buttons above the level of the steel becomes reduced, penetration rates will drop and wear flats will develop rapidly. Under these conditions it is necessary to redress the bit to restore it, as near as possible, to its original geometry.


Button Reshaping

If button protrusion is adequate, satisfactory resharpening can be achieved by use of a performed diamond faced tool. Sharpening is effected by holding the tool firmly against the button and orbiting the machine in a circle to achieve a uniform surface finish. Diamond faced tools are designed to cut carbide and not steel. It is therefore essential that ample protrusion of the button exists before the diamond tools are used.

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Grinding Machine and Cups
Grinding Machine and Cups - hand held

grinding machine hand held and cups technical information

grinding machine hand held technical information

Drilling Solutions

We offer consultation & onsite inspections to provide a more cost-effecient solution.

We also will post some of our past adventures along with articles to help you find, analyze problems & possibly avoid future problems.

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